Have Faith in God, that Mountain ā›° must be removed.

What is it that has stood as a mountain ā›° before your academics? It is a difficult lecturer, is it mental blankness, is it a difficult course?

What is that mountain ā›° standing before your success in Business and the ability to move to the next level in your career and life pursuits?

Some mountains may be that boss or supervisor who will always make sure you are not recognized or promoted. Or that bad habit you have always desired to get rid of to no avail. Mountains are real in our lives.

I have good news for you today. Jesus said in Mark 11:22-24, that if you have FAITH (the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen) , then you can say to that mountain, be removed to another place, and it will be done for you, if you do not DOUBT

What is Doubt? It is a state of being unsure of something or a display of uncertainty about the truth, factuality or existence.


If you do not doubt in your heart and you believe with all of your heart, Jesus says you will get what you have requested of Him.

Confess it today

According to Zachariah 4:7, any Mountain standing before you today, this year, this season, will be set to level ground and the light of God will shine on your way in Jesus mighty name. Amen !

Have a blessed day ahead.


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