Bringing to life that which is dead and forgotten


Attending our weekly prayer meeting and choir rehearsal Last night, God began unveiling some mysteries to us through the word of exaltation by Pastor Claudel. Though I was kind of distracted by our 2 year old Jathniel who was busy gliding on the polished floor of the hall, One thing  the Lord personally ministered to me was the ability of his presence , that brings back things that are dead and forgotten in our lives, back to life. The word of God makes us to understand that Lazarus was a friend of Jesus, he was a believer and a born again child of God, his sisters were followers of Jesus, they believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. Though they were close friends of Jesus, it did not mean they were automatically free form sickness or disease and death. In fact Lazarus became sick and even died, his sisters started mourning until Jesus showed up. Even after Jesus showed up, Martha had lost all hopes, because that was the fourth day after which Lazarus had died. Necrosis had set in already and according to science the body had started disintegrating.

It does not matter for how long you have been in this situation, it does not matter how long you been waiting , or suffering from that chronic condition. When Jesus shows up, life begins to spring forth from that grave. The statement matter made indicated that she has lost all hopes, she forgot that Jesus is the Lord of all seasons. Many of us have actually lost hope concerning that difficulty or challenge that we are facing. But the good news is that Jesus is still in the business of bringing to life dead situations. Martha thought Jesus could not do anything as far as the life of Lazarus was concerned since he must have started stinking in the grave, But Jesus told her, that her brother will not only arise in the resurrection, but that at that same time he will bring him back to life by the power of God.


Friends, just the same way that Lazarus was brought back to life by this same Jesus, He is more than able to resurrect that dead situation in your life. Maybe it has been 4 years or 4 decades today when you though all was finished. Jesus is more than able to bring it back to life, If you can just trust him and believe that he is the resurrection at the life. And that He came that we might have life and have it in abundance, you will certainly rise again, that dead project must rise again. You will not die of that disease  no matter how long you have been agonizing, Jesus is a life-giver, He did it for Martha, He can do it for you now.

Have Blessed day ahead

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