Forsake not the days of the Little Beginning

germ-2871773_1280Success and growth in life has never been a magical walk in the park. Real success, does not just appear from space. There is always a beginning, and trust me, many who have made it in life today  will testify that the very beginning was not a walk in the park.

Many have failed to achieve their life’s dreams just because they called it quit too soon at the beginning. Many great marriages you so much admire today, did not just spring up and land where they are today. it started small, despite hardship and difficulties. With Persistence and steadfastness, it has grown to where it is today. I have read about alot of Business tycoons today, 95% of them did not fall from heaven like manner, no way !, They have got setbacks at the little beginning, they started small, they did not minimize the little profit at that time. They kept pushing and and accumulating, and today, the results can speak for themselves.

Grow Your Faith. Water the Seeds of Faith in your heart. Give them a chance to grow. Everything begins small. The skyscraper began with a single brick, the giant oak tree with a tiny acorn. You are just a portion of what you will be tomorrow.Small Keys Open Big Doors.

Forsake not the days of the little beginning, your later end will be greatly increase. You maybe earning a few dollars at the beginning, it does not mean that you will remain at that figure, as you keep working hard and striving for the best. God will certainly multiply your seed and make it great.

My present employer Started with a Single aircraft which was leased, not even own by the company, for sure the profit was a chicken change at that time, yet he did not quit or chicken out though the profit margin was small. But today, it is one of the largest Airlines in the world with the highest number of  aircraft in its fleet………Little beginnings matter.


Have a great day ahead – WDI

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