Couples and Money Matters – Joint Bank account?

The issue of “money” in most marriages has recently been increasing on a shooting scale. One of the  major causes of conflict in marriages today is the issue of finances, how it is managed and who does what with what amount. While many couples believe in the oneness of their finances, others prefer separate management as far as finances are concerned, especially when  there is a gross disparity in incomes. So many families have fallen apart unfortunately because they did not set up a strong foundation for the management of their fiance right from the period of courtship. Many ignored the topic for fear of being tagged at “money minded” by the other partner. This is a huge mistake many have committed and still being committed. I believe that when it comes to financial management in  home, there must be mutual understanding and a solid agreement on how both parties should handle their finances, no matter the levels of Income.


Many Couples prefer to have one bank account  for ALL their earnings , meanwhile others prefer to have separate bank accounts. Others prefer to have separate back accounts with mutual access to each others account. I believe that which ever one they prefer has its pros and cons. There may be other alternatives in the management of finances in a marriage which we do not yet know. Please kindly comment on which one you prefer will minimize financial disputes in a marriage and why you prefer that choice,. This will go along way to help a lot of young couples and those who are believing God to start a family in the nearest future.

“Money, like emotions, is something you must control to keep your life on the right track.” -Natasha Munson

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  1. Of course I believe in join account with my husband for peace and mutual understanding. As a wife I know my position as delayed from the Bible I am a helper to my husband. Join account is the best option for me.

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