The Story of the Roadside Ash Tray

I have been using a particular bus stop, since when I moved into a neighborhood for over 3 years now. I usually take the early morning bus for work. One day, just curious, my eyes fell on the roadside trash can, that harbors a smoking ash tray. When I looked at this tray, something caught my attention. The diagram of a Human lungs has been drawn on the lid of this tray, on that lungs, they have made some perforations on both lobes and painted in red paint . On this blessed day, I made a post on my Facebook wall on how the message from the manufacturer was meant to let smokers know that, smoking put holes on your lungs and damage your lungs just as on the design on the ash tray.


In less than 2 years after my observation, I happen to be at the bus stop again, you won’t believe what I saw. 😱 The freshly red-painted ash tray has gradually eroded and the Lungs diagram is almost unnoticeable. This was just the wast ash from the cigarette that has caused such a damage to this diagram, what become of the lungs of those who have actually been taking the real substance into their lungs for even more than 2 years? You be the Judge 👨‍⚖️


As I always say, the difference between a smoker and a suicide bomber is the onset of action. One is Acute attack(short duration) and the other is Chronic attack( slowly and surly?. Both of them kill others around them either with an explosive or the smoke from a cigarette.


Guys, there is no known benefit of cigarette, it kills you slowly and surely until you decide before it becomes too late. You can quit smoking, it is possible, you just need to make a decision to quit and make a commitment not return. Some people have quit smoking after prayers and Counseling, which ever one works for you, will go along way to save your life from Cancer and those around you.

God bless you are you as you take that bold step towards a positive change.

Have a great day ahead.


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