Faced with a hard Diagnosis? Fear not, He is your Healer


Based on a true life Story                                                                                 By Cally

Late 2015, while I was in the office one good morning, preparing some papers, I suddenly felt a sharp pain on the left side of my chest, kind of squeezing. Not realizing, I talked aloud to my self  “Chest Pain” . My colleague who was siting by me heard me exclaim, and she saw as I was trying to apply a fist compress on that side of the chest. She advised me to take a walk to the pantry and drink some water. Just as i left for the pantry, She immediately informed my Manager, who intend alerted the company emergency responders. While at the pantry trying to figure out what was really going with me, all of a sudden I saw a group of Nurses and our in house Doctor with contraptions and Monitoring devices. They asked me to sit down and remove my shirt and they started checking my Pulse and blood Pressure. Still confused on who called those guys, to my greatest shock a team of paramedics rushed into the room with ECG monitors, responders equipement and intravenous Lines Setup ready for action. I did not find that funny at all and i yelled ” I am fine, I am not going anywhere” and at the same time I could hear the Siren of the Ambulance steaming at the entrance into the huge building.


The paramedics attached the ECG machine and Printed out the report while I was watching at them, and the next thing i heard was “lower the stretcher”, I could hear them talk on Radio with the Team at the ER service in the Hospital of a case of “Abnormal ECG” and that the Ambulance should be arriving the ER in the shortest time. I was fastened on the stretcher and carted to the Dubai Hospital by Ambulance. My colleague and a sister in Christ who accompanied me to the hospital, i could hear here praying and calling Jesus, Jesus Jesus. On arrival at the ER, the Doctor performed another ECG and immediately request for Cardio Unit admission, I was trying to ask him was going on and he would not want to tell me. I insisted and told him, I am a Healthcare Professional and he should explain to me what was the Diagnosis. Though I was suspecting a heart attack, i did not want to  impose a diagnosis on my self just because I was a Nurse. I was then referred to a Cardiologist, after several major diagnostic test was done and an Ambulatory monitor placed on me, the Cardiologist told me i suffered from a near heart attack crisis called a Heart-Block Stage 2, and that he needs further investigations to confirm that.


Standing there at the ER, confined on bed with monitors all over me, machine beeping every second. At first fear hit me  like a falling object, and i thought of my family, thought of my wife who was expecting that time. I thought of my mom and my dad, my sisters and brothers. And I tried to meditate, but the beeps of cardiac monitors could not let me concentrate, and this word came to me “this sickness is not unto death”. My Pastor had been informed and many other closed friends. Many were praying for me while I was at the hospital. My window at the Cardio ward was facing the sea, and when ever i look at the great sea that stretches up and meets the sky, I remember the love and Mercy of God, the more i thought of His grace and goodness, My hope was strengthened and i knew, that was not my end, that I will not die but live to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. I understood that by the stripes of Jesus Christ I was healed. He himself took away our sicknesses and Diseases on the precious cross of Calvary.


The Next morning the Cardiologist brought the reports of the investigations done and to my greatest dismay he said, ALL the Lab reports including critical heart enzymes were normal, not even a cholesterol level was abnormal. I still have those reports with me. The Doctor Further told me i should stay in the Hospital for the third day for him to establish a definitive diagnosis. And I said to my self, ” So the devil planned to assassinate me and his plans were aborted, and now he wants to search for a diagnosis and impose on me? Thank God for wisdom  and understanding in the knowledge of Him.

The Pain I was feeling on the first day had long disappeared. And a voice spoke to me heart saying, ” Tell the Doctor you want to go home”. The Doctor was standing in front of me and immediately i told, i want o go home. He told me, he does not have a diagnosis for my case and that i should wait for him to carryout further investigations. I insisted I must leave the Hospital that day. I said to my self, I can’t sit here and wait for a diagnosis, meanwhile i have been miraculously healed by Jesus from a Heart-Block stage II.


I started removing the contraptions and IV lines placed on and me, assembling my gadgets and preparing for discharge. And the Physician told me I have to sign the Legal document that i was leaving against medical advise and I told him, I am ready to sign that. With faith I signed out of the hospital and till date, I have been perfectly sound, alive and kicking for the Glory of God.

Friends, have you been given a diagnosis that you think may lead to your demise or may leave you  incapacitated for life?, Know that we have a great healer , If He did it for me and many more others, He can do it for you. Fear not, for that sickness shall not be unto death, as Jesus showed up in the case of Lazarus after he had even died and  was already decomposing, He is the giver of life, He can heal you today. Stand firm and Strong, thou shall see the the salvation of the Lord. You will not die, but you will leave to see the goodness of the Lord in the Land of the Leaving. The Bible says “Thou shall decree a thing and it shall be established” Why not speak to that fear and diagnosis, that you are not yet ready for the grave, that you are healed by the stripes of Jesus who lives and reigns on high.

Shalom – WDI

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