Ask, seek and Knock

Persistence is the seed for your uncommon breakthrough. Endurance is the ability to keep moving forward despite the odds and challenges of the journey to your treasure-land. Many at times we fail to get what we want just because we give up so soon before our answers actually materialize. We fail to wait in prayer for the manifestation of a promises that God has promised us while we were Asking.

ASK and it will be given to you; SEEK and you will find; KNOCK and the door will be opened to you. Matt 7:7

The above scripture makes us to understand that when we ask from God it will be given unto us. However if we do not receive what we have asked for , we have to seek and we shall find. Peradventure we sought and did not find, shall we just chicken out and say no, this is not the will of God me? Many have failed to accomplish their life dreams and to obtained what they needed in life, after asking, and seeking, they gave up on God. The failed to use the third option of Knocking at the doors of opportunity that may be available to them in God’s never-ending bank of resources. The Bible makes us to understand that if you Knock, the doors will be opened opened for you.


How many of us have ended half-way on our journey, just because we became discouraged after asking,  and seeking without tangible results. I encourage you today, it is not yet late, the project you had abandoned after asking and seeking, go back and start knocking at that door, it will surely open for you. Like the parable of the persistent widow in Luke 18: 1-8 , keep pushing till you see your results, then your breakthrough will break forth in Jesus name.

Take another step in your quest for an answer, give a little push again, Your victory is closer than you ever think. Go for that exam again, Yes you have failed several times, don’t give up, try it again and again. You are born to conquer, you are above and not beneath, you are a victor and not a victim.

Shalom and have a great weekend ahead


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