Day 2  – May the Peace of God rule your Heart.

The Bible makes us to understand that the peace of God rules our hearts, and His peace that surpasses all understanding should be our portion. – Col 3:15

In early 2016, when i had lost my Job and was now working as a temporal contigency staff at my present company, we kept on trusting Good for a permanent Job, that could atleast bring our family together. As i kept on applying to vacancies and praying. In January 2016, i went for an interview with a reputable TPA in Medical insurance, and by the grace of God. I was offered the oppotunity. Everything was good about the offer at that time, owing to the fact that i was temporal worker with no benefits, just an hrly paycheck at the end of the month.

Meanwhile this offer had all the benefits including yearly roundtrip annual leave tickets and many others. But one thing was not right about this Job…….When I recived the email and called my wife, i realized i lost my internal peace of mind. I could not figure out what was wrong. When ever i think about that offer, i became uncomfortable and restless. And my wife felt thesame and she told me, she was not comfortable with that offer, her mind is not at peace.And i did not let her know that was the same feeling i had. We kind of argue over it wether i should maintain my status quo or go for the new Job. She tried to convince me at that time to no avail.

When i received the contract of employment, the feeling was worst, i was restless and uneasy. I was given 3 days to sign the contract and returned to their office so they could  start the on-boarding process. I kept my wife updated on the process, though she had given up dissuading me from taking this job.

On the last day which was the third day, I completely lost my sleep, i could not sleep the whole evening, i tried to force it to no avail. I was just tuning and churning on bed the whole evening. And I heard a voice deep within me saying, get up and reject that offer. I got up from bed immediately and it was midnight, opened  my computer, and this is what i wrote to the HR officer: ” Thanks for offering me this opportunity to work with you, I wish to let you know that for some reasons beyond my control and ability, I will not be able to take this offer at this time”.

Immediately I pressed the sent button, i felt some relieve within my spirit and after a little while I could only hear my alarm clock ringing. I had slept like a baby. Early the next morning, the first call i got was from the Hr Officer. Her name was Shirley, she started convincing me and asking me what the reason was and if i needed some sort of negotiations. But i calmly told her, at this time, I will not take up the employment. My peace of mind had returned and I was up and about. That same day i told my wife I have rejected the offer, I could feel her taking a deep breath over the phone and we talked.

A couple of months later, someone left my department and a post became vacant. Hmmmm, then i was like, was this the reason God never wanted me to take that offer of employment?

I told my wife and we kept praying and trusting God. To the glory of God, I was interviewed for that position in my department and i came out victorious. The offer was far more greater than the one I rejected

Friends, the peace of God must rule our hearts, watch out when your peace departs from you in time of crucial decision making. It is an indication that something is not right. Meditate on his word and give an ear to the inner voice of the spirit. If i had stubbornly taken the previous Job offer, I would have completely missed what God had in store for me.

I pray that you will be able to hear His word when the peace of your heart is disturbed, so that you will be able to make the right and Godly decision about your life and destiny.

Shalom  ~WDI~


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