Day 5 – Dry bones can live again.

Yes , you and I have been through hell and high waters, we have been through the desert, full of scopions and scorching sun ☀️. As if that is all, we have descended into the valley, not the valley of peace and serenity, but into the valley fill with dry bones, ankle bones and skull 💀bones, scapulae and rib bones. It feels creepy, no one to turn to, no one to listen to. Any call for assistance falls on a dry skull bone. All your hope is shattered and washed away. This exactly what Ezekiel was going through. I am many of us, are in the mist of these dry bones.

But I have good news for you to today. Those dry bones can live again, they can gain flesh, muscles and blood into their systems, they can stand up right and fight for you and your family, they can defend your generation again.

No matter your situation and circumstances, God is able to wake you up from that slimmy pit and set your feet upon a solid rick (Jesus) to stand.

It does not matter what people think about you, at your present stage of life. Thank God you are going through it and not into it. When God will be done re-constructing you, the people who mocked at you will mavel at you.

God alone knows what He is taking you through and for sure it is for a reason. For the plans He has for you are plans of good and not of evil. Who can say a thing and it comes to pass when the Lord God has not commanded?. Fear not, no one has the right to harm you when the Lord God has not permitted.

If your early father can give you bread and fish when you ask for and not stone and snake, what more of your heavenly father is more gracious and full of mercy and compassion.

He knows your name, sees your tears and he is here for you, to meet your need and to set you free.

Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commandeth it not? Lamentation 3:37

Shalom – ~WDI~

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