Day ~17~Master The Habit of Order. 

Last year, in one quiet morning, I heard my phone vibrate, and when i saw the numberm it was a local number from my friend who was supposed to have travelled the previous night. Curiously I picked up my phone to actually know why he cancelled his trip. Just for him to tell me ” I am at the airport, I thought my flight was today” . I actually booked the ticket  and sent it to him, with clear dates and time on the booking sheet. Lack of planning and orderliness landed him into that. My wife knows this, I start packing and arranging my travel documents about a week before my flight date, and she and my mom, makes fun of me though. But it saves me from alot of issued on flights. And for the record, I have never missed a flight. Careful planning well on time  saves you a lot of resources.  Order Is Simply The Accurate Arrangement of Things. Your car is parked in your garage. Your clothes hang orderly in your closet. When you increase Order, (the accurate arrangement of people and events) you increase your productivity. Plan your day carefully. Unplanned hours will always gravitate toward your weakness. Unplanned days are unproductive days. Unplanned days are incubators for your greatest mistakes.

“Let all things be done decently and in order,”
(1 Corinthians 14:40).

Failure to plan is equal to planning to fail 

God Bless you


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