God will certainly Provide for you and I.

The first thing to recognize is that God cares about what you are going through. He cares about what you’re lacking, He cares about what you’re suffering, He cares about what you’re going through physically…emotionally…or financially and even spiritually dear friend.

God knows you have financial needs and will supply your every need. He knows that sometimes it’s a challenge to make ends meet. He knows sometimes it’s hard to get ahead, He knows, He knows it all.

He knows, but He always has a plan, and He always will PROVIDE!

You may be thinking I’m not seeing God providing for me, but I want to show you how you can experience God’s provision in a new and powerful way.

You’ll always be frustrated when you try to provide everything in your own strength. Your need might be a financial right now or it could be a need in your family…whatever the need, God is going to meet it!

You’ll see real peace, real joy, and real freedomwhen you learn to trust God as your provider.

And my God WILL supply ALL your needs according to HIS RICHES in glory in Christ Jesus. — Philippians 4:19

It is God’s WILLto supply ALL your needs!

ALL means ALL. When you are faithful to follow God’s Word and His plan to provide for you, He will supply for all of your needs, PLUS an abundance to bless others when you are faithful.

There are FOUR STEPS that you need to do in order to access God’s provisions in this supernatural way.

  1. Identify what your need is. What is your need? Do you need a job that takes care of your family? Do you need a breakthrough in your health? Do you need a relationship restored? Identify the need and be specific. (I’ve enclosed a prayer request form so Grace and I can join you in prayer!)
  2. Ask your heavenly Father to provide.Mathew 6:32 says, “God knows what you need before you ask.” And He said in Mathew 7:7, “Ask and it shall be given…” So, even though He already knows, when you ask Him it demonstrates your dependence on His provision.
  3. Activate your faith. This is the most important step. The most powerful way to activate your faith is to release the seed in your hand. I’ve seen it time and time again. When you release the seed in your hand, God releases the harvest in His! This is how God supplies our needs. It’s quite simple. You reap what you sow.
  4. Thank Him for it. For you receive it in Jesus’ name! Be thankful. Gratitude is the greatest form of faith. When you ask God for something, Mark 11:24 says, “All things for which you pray and ask, believe you have received them”.

God shall supply all your needs according to His riches and glory by Christ Jesus. This is the heart of the Gospel. This is the heart of spreading the Gospel. When you get involved with what’s on God’s heart, He gets involved with what’s on YOUR heart. Sow into God’s Kingdom, and He will take care of your needs.


  • Souls to be saved.
  • His message to get out to the world.
  • The Gospel to spread.
  • His churches to grow.
  • His Kingdom to advance.
  • The message of salvation to be preached.
  • His Love to cover the earth.
  • His grace to be abounding.
  • His glory and the message of His cross to spread the world like wildfire.
  • Broken people to be healed.
  • Sick people to recover

Shalom brethren, Receive calvary greeting from WDI


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