The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14

Glory is the manifestation of the divine nature of God. In the Old Testament, the glory of God was expressed through nature, theophanies (visible manifestations), and spectacular events. In the New Testament, God expressed his pure self in the fullness of his Son, Jesus Christ.

As the glory was manifested from God to Jesus, it has now been manifested from Jesus to all believers. We don’t possess it, mind you. But we radiate it. When Moses went before God to intercede for the people (Exodus 33-34), he saw God’s glory and returned to the camp beaming with holy light. Like a “glow in the dark” figure, Moses had no light of his own. But after standing near the most brilliant light in the universe, he glowed. His face was charged with the glory of God.

In like manner, God’s glory affects our lives. We have been given the privilege of beholding God face-to-face in Christ. His glory in our hearts transforms us from within. God’s glory is intrinsic to his nature. God’s glory is evident throughout the world. But there are times when God wishes to demonstrate his glory through us by how we respond and react to difficulties. The reason, believe it or not, is that God can be glorified, so that a watching world will know that God is God, and so a fearful people can say, “What a God!”

The greatest problem with getting God’s glory to the world at such impossible moments is that it has to go through us.

Not only is our reputation on the line, but God’s is too. As odd as it may seem, God’s reputation and his glory depend on our faith and trust. Let’s not let him down.



  1. Smiles. So in time.

    I can so reckon with this. I was faced with a situation few minutes ago and I practically cried my eyes out. But then despite the thoughts that came to mind that wanted to distract me from seeing who He is regardless of what I was feeling and was physically happening, I kept on calling out to the Holy Spirit to help me. And a while after choosing to still stick with God and trusting Him, He came through. The devil is sick! but we need to put our foot down regardless – our faith in God is our victory.

    Thanks for sharing this.


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