I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the Lord sustains me. – Psalm 3:5

Most of us live life in such a routine that we often forget that without God we would not take another breath. God also gives us each of our abilities, and, without him, we would not even be able to understand the next word we read. Again, because we do so much effortlessly we take it for granted.

Your children will take God’s provision for granted as well. We must remind them that every ability, every breath and every new morning are gifts from God. We have it all because the Lord sustains us. In other words, he renews us each day to make us capable of performing daily human routines.

That’s why it’s important to be thankful for each day and each provision and to teach your children to live with an attitude of gratitude. Pay attention to your own often ungrateful attitude and clean it up, especially when your children are around. It will be much easier to teach your children a spirit of thankfulness if you model it yourself. Ilf_978031043193_0005_012.jpg


Today is not a right — ​it’s a privilege.


• What kind of appreciation do you show for your daily sustained provisions?

• How could you be more aware of this daily sustaining power?

• What daily activity could you incorporate that would help your family appreciate their blessings?

WDI, September 2019


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