Have you ever sat and thought you wish you had married someone else ???

The strength of a an architectural structure measured based on its foundation and not on its height. I have lived in the city of Dubai in the middle east for more than 5 years. The city of Dubai is somehow called the home of the skyscrapers. I have witness and worked with companies responsible for mega structures. I have witness the making of  the foundation  of a 50+ floors skyscraper. There is no joke when it comes to the kinds of materials  buried underground just to make sure that the building that comes afterwards stands the test of wind and storms it will face through out its life time. There comes a time in relationships that winds and storms hit like the hurricane and Tsunami. They hit at times you least expect. They attack from all dimensions of your relationship. No matter how far you have come and how tall you have stood. If your foundation was not firm, it the bases reason for your relationship was not well constructed. It Your relationship was built of a wrong motive or as a result of an “accident”, rest assured the fall will be great. At time you will be so pushed to the wall by your partner in such a way that you start thinking that you wish you had married someone else. Yes about 65% of people at one point in their relationship wish they had met someone else. Unlike the foundations of buildings, the foundation of your relationship can be revisited, things can be made right and you will be able to stand the test of time in that relationship. The key principle is ironing out your differences, once and for all. Setting a stage for frank dialogue and charts the way forward in a blissful relationship. This does not mean its gona be a flawless relationship, but when the tides come and the winds blow, you will be able to over come and stand tall.

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