How to become a Registered Nurse ( RN) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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An Overview of the Process for Registered Nurses to work in the Emirate of Dubai.

DHA: Dubai Health Authority

The Health Regulation Department (HRD) of the DHA is responsible for Licencing and regulation of practice for ALL healthcare practitioners in the Emirate of Dubai, except the Dubai healthcare City (DHCC) which has its own regulatory body.  In this Project i will be basically summarizing the process or registration for Nurses only, as per my personal experience, specifically for Foreign trained nurses from west and Central Africa.

Required Document s  

Special Considerations

Recent passport size photograph  


With a White background

Valid Passport Scanned Copy of your Biodata Passport page
Nursing Educational Qualifications 1.  Nursing Degree Certificate or Diploma (not less than 3 years of studies in Cameroon and Nigeria)

2.  High School Certificates ( Advanced Level Certificate for most Central and west Africans)

3.  Academic Transcripts from your Nursing School ( Scanned Copies, no need to certify them)



Letters of Experience from your Employers

1.  You Must Obtain a letter of Experience, mostly called an attestation of Service from  your employer(s) for at least the past 2 years of continues professional Experience without gaps.

2.  This Letter must be signed by the Director or Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of the Clinic or Hospital.

3.  It must contain Verifiable phone numbers and emails ( if Possible professional Emails) and landline phone numbers of the Signatory or designated Human Resource Person.

Nursing License from Country of Nursing Education or Country of Most recent practice –          You MUST provide Current Nursing practice from your country of Education and Work experience

–          This Letter must reflect that the professional experience you have submitted was done as a licensed professional.

–          Though by law in Cameroon it is not required for Government Nurses to be licensed, it is required to practice in the private Sector. Nurses from Southern Cameroons  should make sure they are registered with the  Cameroon Nurses Association (CNA) with a valid License  from the Authority, You may contact them through their website or Contact us for assistance.

–          Nurses who are trained in Cameroun and other public institutions can also register with the Association of Nurses Midwives and Health Technicians ( ANMHT), how ever from experience, it is challenging during primary Source Verification for those registered with this board, hoping things may improve in the nearest future.




Certificate of Good Standing

This Document is issued by the Nursing Council that issued your License, The CNA can assist you in this or Contact us for assistance. This document shows that you do not have any mal practice or professional related misconduct during your practice till date.

The Good standing certificate is Valid for six (6) months from the date of issue.


Primary Souce Verification (PSV)

The Primary Source Verification (PSV) is the Process by which the DHA verifies, Your Educational Qualification, Your Work Experience and Your Nursing License with the Documents you have submitted. Verification is done directly with the issuer of the Document

Results of the Verification is Either Negative, Positive or unable to Verify ( when they are unable to contact the Document issuer)

Negative results will result in termination of the Process for the applicant or revoking of License if it has already been issued. At the moment, PSV report is not required in order to complete the process of application, however it must be complete before renewal of license or transfer of license to another DHA facility.

How to Apply,

Please kindly follow the steps bellow to apply for your License. You can actually apply from your country before arrival to the UAE, since in most cases, applicants come in with at most 90 days tourist visa, and the process may take up to 8 weeks to be able to seat for the Computer base test. This will save alot of time and resources. For any assistance in the process, please kindly  Contact us for assistance.

  1. Login and create username & password at:
  2. Fill the application and Upload the initial requirements
  3. Pay the Initial Fees of AED 220
  4. DHA will review the credentials sumbitted at this point.
  5. If the Application is approved, you will be required to pay for the PSV
  6. After the PSV is paid, You will recieve an eligibility Number, which will enable you to Select a date and Pay for the  Assessment (Computer Based Test “CBT”) For  Nurse (RN-NCLEX standard) NB: We will be putting up a Project on how to tackle and avail the DHA Computer base Exam.
  7. When you are successful in the CBT, an eligibility letter will be issued which you can use to search for Nursing jobs in Clinics and hospitals ( This letter is valid for one year
  8. NB: We will be Putting up another post on what happens after you have pass the exam, and Nursing Job search techniques.


1.3    Fees

Credentialing Fees AED 220

Primary Source Verification Fees : Nurses = 935


Nurses  2 hours assessment USD 180, 3 hours assessment USD 240

Issue License Fees:

Nurses:  AED 1020 ( paid by the Employer during the Issuance of your license under their clinic or Hospital

Delivery Fees:

AED 20 payable cash upon delivery


Credentialing (application review) takes about 4 weeks

Primary Source Verification (PSV): application will be processed 48 hours after payment is made.


  • CBT: exams are available on a daily basis

Process Flowchat

Flowchat for DHA

After the exams it takes about 5 working days to get results and Eligibility letter

Disclaimer: The above information serves as a guide only and and does not constitute any commitment or contract between the reader and authors. In as much as we have tried to give updated information, we are not in anyway responsible for any omission or outdated information on this subject.

The WhiteDove Project Team

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