IEN to LPN in Quebec

How to obtain an LPN license in the province of Quebec,as an Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN) Also known as Infirmiere Auxiliary (Inf Aux)

I am putting up this short note as a result of multiple requests from my friends and readers. As I always say, my write ups are primarily my experience and it is not meant to be a fast and hard route for everyone. My personal experience is in no way an official  or a replacement of any information from the organization concerned.

As a registered Nurse Trained out of Canada, there are a lot of procedures and processes you need inorder to become an RN in Quebec, this often takes a lot of time especially to those whose primary Language is not French. There are few institutions in Quebec in  which language of instruction is purely English.

Now as a registered nurse coming to Quebec, You must be ready to wait for an average of 3 years to be able to get the Title of an RN in the Province, this may be longer  if you get complications or delays in document processing. What many people do not know, even myself discovered later is that: You can easily  acquire the LPN license and keep the cash flow while pursuing your RN. This is because these two licenses are issued by two different bodies in Quebec. The process is Simple:

  1. Go to the website of Ordres des Infirmiers et Infirmieres Auxiliare du Quebec ( OIIAQ) and create an account.
  2. Complete the online application form and submit  together with the application fees, which is about 172 CAD tax included.
  3. When your online form has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation or acknowledgement of reception email with a form for you to complete your application. This form has to be printed, completed with all the required information. It must be taken to Emploi Quebec office for signature and Notarization. The commissioner of oaths must sign on the form and confirm your identification.
  4. Send the completed form and supporting document s like transcript and academic records, identification docuements, residence status, Evaluation comperetif, etc, to the OIIAQ office for processing.
  5. You will only get a call from OIIAQ if a document is missing or maybe they need further information. However, you are able to track your application through your online account including receipts of payments done.

When  the above has been done, the board will process your application accordingly. This may take unto 2 months depending on their workload.

After the processing is complete, you will receive an email with the result of the equivalence. You may either be asked to complete some lecture hours or asked to prepare for the board exam. They will ask you to buy the examination guide from their website ( in French and English).

Kindly note that board exams are written 4 times a year. (in March,June, September and December). So this depends on when the decision for your file was rendered.

NB: It is very important to forward your evaluation cooperative to the OIIAQ board when sending your docs, and any other healthcare training you have done in Quebec. This may reduce the number of hours you may have to do for your equivalence.

For any specific questions, please kindly put it on the comment section and I will be ready to answer to the best of my experience.

Hope this has been of help to someone.

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