The Nursing Bridging Process in Quebec for RNs Trained out Canada

The Professional Integration Program for Nurses trained outside Quebec –  A first hand experience.

Hey Guys, greeting to you all and may this quick note find you well. As promised last time, I will be giving a brief heads-up on my experience on the bridging process. This note is coming to you at this time, because i wanted to go through the process so that i can have a first hand information on how it works, the advantages and the setbacks as far as the integration program is concerned. It has been a successful one so far, especially for my case in which french is not my first langauage. (studied all my life in English)

Generally after you get your decission letter form OIIQ, it gives you a list of about 5 institutions where you can attend the integration program before qualifying to seat for the OIIQ exam. They are: Cegep Limoilou, Cegep de vieux Montreal, Cegep Edward Mont Petit and John Abbott’s College (the only institution with English as language of  Instruction). For those who studied in English, this is already a challenge for them especially if they do not have a some notions of French Language.

It is the responsibility of the student to apply to the various institution to start the program. Each School has its requirements, but generally, a decission letter from OIIQ is mandatory for admissions.

Admission is done throughout the year depending on the number of enrolments. In Cegep Limoilou where I am attending, new groups start every three months. Interviews are done face to face and online and students are recruited to start a particular date as determined by the college.

Application for admission is done online through the regional collage admission board (SRACQ). Documents are scanned and uploaded and you are contacted by the college for interview, during the admission process. Once admitted, you are ready to start your programme at the chosen School. More information is sent to you and date of attendance is confirmed. Book lists are also given the first date of attendance, on orientation day.

It is interesting to note that tuitions are not charged for PR holders and Canadian residents who have a valid CSQ. Alternatively there is a bursary program for students or they may take the “Emploi Quebec” funding option for books and materials. I qualified for the Student Loan and Bursary for my books and materials while studying.

The Duration of the program depends on the decision issued to you by OIIQ, If you were requested by OIIQ to do supplementary courses (often Paediatric, OBS/GYN and Geriatric), you will have to spend about 7-8 months on the program. For some of us who did not have complementary courses, I am spending 6 months and I will be ready to seat for the OIIQ Exam there after.

Many have asked me if they really have to master the french Language in order to succeed in the program, My answers have always been according to my personal experience. Yes French is the language of Instruction, how ever you must not be super excellent and fluent in the language in order to succeed. Where there is a will, there is a way. I have classmates who presently do not really get along with French, but for sure they are making it through. The Cegep offers remedial french classes for none speakers, though I did not attend any, but my friends have testified that it has been of great help to them. This was the piece I managed to put together despite by very tight schedule. For specific questions, please drop it in the comment section and i will be able to respond according.

DISCLAIMER:  This note is my personal experience, it does not serve as an endorsement or advertisement for any person or structure. Each an every ones experience may be different and may greatly vary according to their circumstances.


  1. Hi , I wanna know is this true if we have ICU experience then we don’t need to do the any briging course .we can directly go for oiiq exam.thanks.


    1. Dear Manju, there is no such thing as with the OIIQ to the beat if my knowledge, even if you are specialized nurse, your specialty will only reduce the number of courses you do at the bridging. Yiu will not need to do supplemental courses. But you must go through the integration program, except nurses trained in France. I have a friend and classmate who has been in the ICU for over 5 years. He still had to go through the integration.


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