The OIIQ Process Summary for International Educated Nurses settling in the Province of Quebec


Hello Guys and fellow Nurses, Hope y’all are doing fine. After so many requests from friends and in immigration fora, I have decided to drop a summary on the OIIQ process from personal experience. Though I  have not yet completed the process, but the essential has been done to the point of  “stage d’intergration” (the bridging Process) Meaning OIIQ has evaluated my documents and credentials and have decided that I will have to do the bridging process before siting for the professional exam, then the subsequent french Language test.

STEP 1 – Order the Application package -After you have made up your mind to start your Canada nursing Career in Quebec, the first thing to do is to order for an application package from OIIQ by email, using the Email: Just draft a simple email requesting for an application package and in less than a week you will receive email attachments with the forms required and more information and requirements. For sure you must have read the requirement and determined that you qualify to apply for an entry level RN in Quebec.

STEP 2 – Preparation of the main application for recognition of Equivalence – After you must have receive the package by email, you start filling the forms. You have to fill the main application form for Evaluation of equivillence. However the rest of the forms will only be sent after you must have gotten an application number. An Application number is required so that as your docs arrived from the institutions they will be easily identified and avoid delays.

Make sure you complete the the main application form, together with supporting documents and payment. Put in one envelop and send to OIIQ. The form for Credit card payment method is available in the pack sent to you via email.

STEP 3 – Transcript forms are completed after you get an application number and mailed  directly by the training institution/Employer/Nursing body directly to  OIIQ, and follow the same procedure for Home license and work experiences.

NB: To save time, send all your Academic forms,Work Experience and Home Nursing board registration forms to the various locations for them to complete the form, however, they will not post them until you have received your application number form OIIQ. Once you get your application number, send it to them to fill on the form before sending to OIIQ. This is exactly what I did and it was very successful.

Once you track and notice that your main application forms for Equivalence have arrived, give about 5 days or less and Call the office of the registrar, they will acknowledge that your docs have been received, maybe pending registration. Immediately  you get a notification of debit from your card via sms or email, it means your file has been opened, but you will receive an email maybe after about a week or two with your file number. Please do not wait for the email, you can directly ask for your file number and they will give it to you over the phone, then you will send to your employer, nursing body and Nursing school authority to fill at the appropriate place and send the forms and related docs directly to OIIQ.

According to information from friends ( yet to verify) the Committee for equivalence  meets twice yearly, at the beginning of the year  and sometimes towards the middle of the year. I do not know the exact months of the year for which they seat for deliberations and  reports. Therefore timelines will vary depending on when they receive your complete application till the committee meets for deliberations.

Causes of delays in Process:

  • Delay in  your institution, not completing your Nursing School Transcript forms on time
  • Delays will occur if payment is declined by your bank via credit card ( OIIQ will send you a mail in this case, requesting for proper payment) it happened to me. Do not panick, just call the registrars office and they can receive payment directly via telephone.
  • Delays in postage  can also occur, Please ensure you use fast registered mail like DHL, UPS, FeDex etc.
  • Incomplete applications also may lead to delay, because it will be returned to you or you may be requested to send missing docs by post only, no Scanned Document is allowed.

All report and queries will be sent to you via email, so please keep an eye on your email and ensure you don’t miss out on emails. This may delay your application.



To apply for recognition of equivalence by the Ordre des infirmières et
infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ), you must provide us with all the following
documents, in a single envelope:
1 – The Application for Recognition of Diploma or Training Equivalence
for the Issue of a Permit by the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du
Québec form (Form 1000 F BR);

main application form

2- A copy of your birth certificate certified by the issuing authority
of the certificate, and a translation if necessary;

3 – If applicable, a copy of your marriage licence certified by the
issuing authority of the licence, and a translation if necessary;

4 – The Payment of file processing fees form, with the required

Once all the above documents have been received, we will notify you that
your file has been opened.

Once you have received this confirmation, you must send the following
forms to the appropriate organizations, as soon as possible:

1 – Attestation of Completion of Initial Training Program
(Form 1003 F BR);

Academic Completion

2 – Attestation of Completion of Additional Training Programs,
if applicable (Form 1003 F BR);

Non Nursing

3 – Attestation of Registration (Form 1004 F BR); – Home Nursing Body

Nursing body

4 – Attestation of Professional Experience, if applicable
(Form 1005 F BR).

Work experience

Very Important >>>>>> Each educational institution, registration authority and employer must
complete the appropriate attestation and return it directly to the OIIQ, in a sealed envelope bearing the official name of the organization.

Note that the OIIQ cannot retain these attestations unless you have submitted your personal documents and we have already confirmed that we have opened a file for you.

You have two years to complete your file. After that time, it will be closed
and destroyed, with no reimbursement of any fees paid.


Your file will be considered complete once the OIIQ has received and
verified the following documents:

Step 2

1. To be provided by you, in a single envelope:
* The Application for Recognition of Diploma or Training Equivalence
for the Issue of a Permit by the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du
Québec form;

* A copy of your birth certificate certified by the issuing authority
of the certificate, and a translation if necessary;

* If applicable, a copy of your marriage licence certified by the
issuing authority of the licence, and a translation if necessary;

* The Payment of file processing fees form, with the required

Step 3

2 To be provided by educational institutions, organizations and employers:
* Attestation of Completion of Initial Training Program;

* Attestation of Completion of Additional Training Programs,
if applicable;

* Attestation of Registration;(Nursing Body in your Home Country)

* Attestation of Professional Experience, if applicable. (From Employer)

Good Luck to all – Shalom

NB Please for any questions concerning the process or if you have any doubts or need area of clarification, Kindly leave us  a comment on this post and we will respond as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive process, it is based on personal  experience only and intended for information purpose only. I am not responsible for any change in the Procedure or modification or incorrect information which may cause any inconveniences or loss to any one. Most of the information has been culled from



  1. Hi, thank you for the post/guide, very informational!
    I got just one question though..
    After providing all the necessary documents to OIIQ and receiving the approval/confirmation from them, as I understand, you receive an invitation to study there to get the canadian RN license (after completing an exam).
    How long does it take to receive this invitation and how long does it stay active?

    Best Regards,


  2. The whole process will be:
    1.complete documents
    2. Pay fees
    3. Get file no.
    4. Submit all necessary documents
    5.clear oiiq exam
    6.rn integration course
    7.french exam
    Is this the correct stage ??? Is it vil b in this order or is there any change???
    Pls give an insight
    And 1 more doubt is it possible to get admission for the course with csq


  3. In my country 1st I finished GNM after 5yrs I completed post bsc.for the international verification i have to attest both Gnm and post bsc.The attestation registration form I have fill and send nsg council.both I completed in the same nsg body.


  4. Hello,

    How long did it take after the OIIQ had all your documents to give you the final assessment? (So that you could begin with the integration course)




  5. Hi
    thank you for the very informative and useful guide .
    Do we need to IELTS /CELBAN also for quebec ? or only French is enough ?
    Because i received my visa recently and I am intended to fly to Quebec after 6 months .Do I need to do IELTS before my travel ?


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